Tuesday, February 3, 2009


i'm sure each one have our own favourite songs right??some of us would love the song because of the singer or maybe because of the genre of music..and im quite sure most of us would fall in love with a song because of the lyrics..rite??me too..well,i love to sing (tp tak sesuka my siblings) but only for my own ears to listen of course (duhh...)the question now is how well do we know the lyrics??to what extend would we search for the lyrics..or we would just go and balun aja..haha

something that always happend to us rite...as long as the words sound similar with the song, ok la kan...rite2??for me,if i really,really,really like the song, i would google the lyrics(something sri like to do)...just to make myself satisfy when singing along with the song...but have we ever come across situation where we were caught singing with the wrong lyrics??nih yg best nih...

i actually caught my friend in this situatuion..she loves to sing but same thing as me,would balun ikut suka hati ja...and normally, the lyrics would be totally WRONG!!i once caught her singing L.O.V.E by ashlee simpson..as we know, the chorus goes like this *imagine me singing this*

' L.O...L.O...L.O..L.O...VE..VE'

guess how did she sings it??


when i heard her singing it for the 1st time, i was 'WHAT??budak nih nyanyi lagu woody wood pecker ka??'and she sounded very2 extremely confident!!tabik spring kat budak sorng nih..funny but its true..and to think that the lyric don't actually have sense, but sounds VERY2 SEDAP..well i usually categorize it as having a hidden talent..rite??


Sri Kandy said...

Woody Wood Pecker?

beep beep tu yang Road Runner dia kawan dengan Wile E. Coyote, cartoon characters from Looney Tunes haha

Btw, I would be the type yang balun jer whatever lyrics suka ria i jer lol ;-P

cha said...

haha..tq for correcting..nih mesti g google gak nih..siap smpi tau Road Runner kawan ngan sapa..

well,kt kan mmg suka nynyi together so ok la tuh..hehe

tintarawa said...

ye saye juge..haha..
lirik tak pernah betul..
sesedap rase org ckp..

cha said...

ben, u sing as well??aku igt ko nari je..new profession kah?