Friday, November 14, 2008

opismate??housemate??~sama aja~

since masuk uitm nih aku t'pks admit that kekurangan kawan sket kat cni..tak kenai org lagi fortunately for me, aku jumpa gak la kwn2 yg bleh layan gla ngan least if nak ajk pi meronggeng mn2 depa tak penah bkn ada tmpt nak jln sgt kat cni pun,i want to take this chance to introduce my two frens, my officemate merangkap housemate aku..nmpk sgt aku tak ckp kwn kan??uhuh....

tadaa..this is ct sarina sulaiman..a.k.a ina..otw alik umah time nih and biasa la
aku suka nyibukkan diri nangkap gmbr gak..hehe

and now we become

me and my new hsmate...her full name??
sri kandy putri naru bt abdul hamid naru..

and i thought my name is looong..uhuh

us otw trn pi alor star...uat pe??

to play bowling!!!sri 1st time maen and lucky her coz she got a really good teacher..
that would be me of course..hehe

this was the outcome..aiseh kecik plak gmbr nih..
tak nmpk markah kan2??rugi2...

and we went to uum..ada pesta konvo and my two hsmts bought-->mainan yg belh kuarkan belon tuh..
i dun know the name of tuh la yg depa beli..adoila hsmt2 ku ini..

tu lah kwn2 yg aku de skng nih..thank god i have them around..tq2!!hehe

Thursday, September 25, 2008

~semangat student~

for this weeek aku dah tak tau nak ngajar apa sbnrnya...student dah semangat nak alik raya..jgn kata student,aku pun dah in the mood of beraya...tu yg jd blurr tak tau nak buat apa dlm kls...nak cancel kls,uih tarak bleh instead of doing nothing n ngarut aja dlm kls, aku srh dak2 aku act in kls..haha sng keja..depa prepare and tgk aja..wakaka

so thiw was what i did with them..i gave them a fairy tale story..asked them to go and search for the story and present in class...b'lakon alik la nih krnya...i gave them the story last monday and they were suppose to present it yesterday and today..aku ingt msti bdk2 nih buat cincai aja sbb tak cukup time...and the result,I WAS WRONG...rupanya penuh semangat lagi student2 aku nih..siap ada buat recording sbb depa buat unfortunatly,sound system out for the effort,aku bg A!!

t'haru gak aku tgk bdk2 nih b'ia prepare for the presentation..eventhough not all of them but still ada yg tried...and during the presentation,i manage to capture few shots of the students in class..

1st group doing guliver's travel..nih la group yg buat miming tuh

2nd group yg aku suka..buat creta hansel and gretel..siap ada pnjr lagi

yg plg aku suka..depa buat puppet show creta ugly duckling..

and da ugly duckling turns into a beatiful swan...tadaa~

da whole class..ini la student2 sem 1 aku..

and today,smua nak abh kls awai sbb nak cabut alik umah..dah nak RAYA!!!!yea...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

lOoong ride

last week,di atas invitation dilla,aliaa and zaffa (matriks buddies) aku telah menurunkan diriku ini ke kl..da idea of going down to kl mmg la best tp bla igt kn journeynya...adoi sesak nafas...
tp dah sbb lama tak m'enjoykn diri ngan kengkawan,aku trn la gak...

tmbg bas???mahai babe!!!rm 43.00...dr rm33.00 dia naik 10 hinggit...waaa...t'kejut gue..tapi dah nak pi gak kan,beli la last friday aku pun nek bas ke kl...

during that very long2 ride,aku observe org2 kat dlm bas tuh..dapat plak seat blkng,mmg sng rr nak observe org (hobi baru aku)...dlm dok2 belek2 tuh,ada la beberapa perkara yg aku t'perasan..ada yg lawak and ada gak yg tak brp nak best....antaranya:-
  1. ada 2/3 guys on the bus wore sunglasses...mula2 tuh pk gak..kenapakah nak pakai sunglasses di dlm logiknya??panas sgt ka dlm bas smpi kn pakai sunglasses??lama dok perati,at last aku dapat jwpnnya..rupa2nya,depa guna sebab nak tdoq...cover mata la nih..nak gelap kot..or depa nak nmpk macho while sleeping??tapi macho apanya mulut t'nganga??haha....
  2. 2nd thing yg aku notice,i'm not very sure of it..masa bus stopped at a'star and picked up new passengers,there was this guy sat in front of me..with the rest of the geng yg pakai sunglasses nih...awai2 tuh,depa dok sembang2 btween them ja..that is sooo fine with me..suddenly,aku t'tngkp bunyi plastik sweets di buang..ala bunyi mcm kita slalu buat dlm kelas time ngntuk tuh..that time,aku t'pk, "mamat nih tak posa ka??" rileks ja mkn depan org...ada ka patut??
  3. if mamat dpn aku mkn sweets,bas diver tuh plak,aiseh,bau rokok..aku nih alergik cket bau rokok..sng bersin if t' when the bus driver jln pi blkng,mak aih,bau "harum semerbak" menusuk hidungku ini...aku t'pk satu ja...tak posa gak ka???

aih..mcm2 yg aku tgk during my ride...tu yg aku nmpk..yg tak nmpk,tak tau la kan..ish3.....

Monday, September 22, 2008


dimohon sapa2 yg baca blog nih,tlg sedekahkan al fatihah pada student2 uitm arau perlis yg baru aja meninggal dunia yesterday and today...

got the story this morning from my seems that those yg involved with the accident were sem 1 student..kwn bdk2 nih laa...they were from perak..pi perak sbb melawat abg slh sorng depa nih sbb accident gak..they rented a car (kancil) drove to perak and the accident happend on the way back to perlis...accident kat sungai bakap around 6.30pm..some said they were rushing sbb dah nak bukak posa...i'm not sure bout that

by the way,accidentnya langgar pokok jati and the kancil t'belah dua..two of them (drive and co driver) died there and then..a student told me yg co driver tuh t'burai isi perut..t'belah perut la kot..yg driver tuh putus urat saraf kat otak..tuh yg meninggal on the spot...

the other 3,sempat pi hospital,but unfortunately,sorng meninggal kat hospital last nite...and the newest story,lagi sorng meninggal gak tadi around pkui 1 tadi..bones dia hancur...adoi sakitnya..kiranya yg survive from the accident sorng aja la...and the parents took him back to shah alam..dgr kt dia pth tengkuk aja..not as serious as the rest...

adoi..dgr creta tadi,t'kejut gak la....most of my students arini feeling very2 gloomy and sad..yo la kan kawan sdr kan..and to think they were only 18 years old....muda tuh..
well alhamdulillah coz of meninggal dlm bulan ramadhan,t'lepas dari azab's just how they die,tuh yg mcm sengsaranya...hopefully the family will be strong to face the news...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

sOmE SiLlY BuT tRue deFiNiTiOn

are the definitons true???

  1. School: A place where Papa pays and Son plays.
  2. Life Insurance: A contract that keeps you poor all your life so that you can die Rich.
  3. Nurse: A person who wakes U up to give you sleeping pills.
  4. Marriage: It's an agreement in which a man loses his bachelor degree and a woman gains her masters.
  5. Divorce: Future tense of Marriage.
  6. Tears: The hydraulic force by which masculine willpower is defeated by feminine waterpower.
  7. Lecture: An art of transferring information from the notes of the Lecturer to the notes of the students without passing through "the minds of either"
  8. Conference: The confusion of one man multiplied by the number present.
  9. Compromise: The art of dividing a cake in such a way that everybody believes he got the biggest piece.
  10. Dictionary: A place where success comes before work.
  11. Conference Room: A place where everybody talks, nobody listens and everybody disagrees later on.
  12. Father: A banker provided by nature.
  13. Criminal: A guy no different from the rest....except that he got caught.
  14. Boss: Someone who is early when you are late and late when you are early.
  15. Politician: One who shakes your hand before elections and your Confidence after.
  16. Doctor: A person who kills your ills by pills, and kills you by bills.
  17. Classic: Books, which people praise, but do not read.
  18. Smile: A curve that can set a lot of things straight.
  19. Office: A place where you can relax after your strenuous home life.
  20. Yawn: The only time some married men ever get to open their mouth..
  21. Etc.: A sign to make others believe that you know more than you actually do.
  22. Committee : Individuals who can do nothing individually and sit to decide that nothing can be done together.
  23. Experience: The name men give to their mistakes.
  24. Atom Bomb: An invention to end all inventions.
  25. Philosopher: A fool who torments himself during life, to be spoken of when dead.
apa pendapat anda???

Thursday, August 28, 2008


something i read on the's tak tau la how the kaum male would take it...let me know what do u think of it...:)


A couple drove down a country road for several miles, not saying a word. An earlier discussion had led to an argument and neither of them wanted to concede their position. As they passed a barnyard of mules, goats, and pigs, the husband asked sarcastically, "Relatives of yours?" "Yep," the wife replied, "in-laws."


A husband read an article to his wife about how many words women use a day... 30,000 to a man's 15,000. The wife replied, "The reason has to be because we have to repeat everything to men... The husband then turned to his wife and asked, "What?"


A man said to his wife one day, "I don't know how you can be so stupid and so beautiful all at the same time." The wife responded, "Allow me to explain. God made me beautiful so you would be attracted to me;God made me stupid so I would be attracted to you!"


A man and his wife were having someproblems at home and were giving each other the silent treatment. Suddenly, the man realized that the next day, he would need his wife to wake him at 5:00 AM for an early morning business flight. Not wanting to be the first to break the silence (and LOSE), he wrote on a piece of paper, "Please wake me at 5:00 AM." He left it where he knew she would find it. The next morning, the man woke up, only to discover it was 9:00 AM and he had missed his flight. Furious, he was about to go and see why his wife hadn't wakened him, when he noticed a piece of paper by the bed. The paper said, "It is 5:00 AM. Wake up."

whether these stories are true,i'm not very sure myself since tak pernah mengalaminya...but i like it...hehe

Thursday, August 14, 2008


hmmm...since arini aku abeh kelas awai sbb bdk2 dah tak sbr nak alik kg,aku pun membelek2 la gmbr2 yg ada dlm pendrive aku...guess what??aih penuh ngan gmbr adi ja...of coz gmbr aku pun ada la...and tgh dok belek2 tuh,timbul la plak hajat di hati nak meletakkan gmbr2nya since he's born untill now..enjoy his faces!!
captured on 6th of january 2005
(a day after he was born)

adi nek buai!!!opahchu siap jht bj specially for him tuh!!

zaman menerap adi..this was his feveret spot coz he can actually slide freely.. takdak kapet nak kacau idup dia..hehe makan sampai muka belemuih..michik dia yg suap time tuh sbb tuh belemuih sesgt... michik tak reti suap ka??aparaa...

during raya time..muka mcm bdk besar tp hakikatnya umur tak sampai sethn pun lagi..
awat mata adi t'beliak??hehe
time nih br nak reti senyum time tngkp gmbr
tak bleh jalan lagi!!!dok la dlm krusi adi tuh...
showing off his tiny miny teeth....
time nih p usha umah kat ipoh..posing tngkp gmbr skali.. adorable tak ank sdr sorng nih??hehe
i'm two years old!!!
as usual,dun know what is happening...typical of him
meor adi fimiyun and yang azizah and thier mothers..azizah sbnrnya lagi tua dari adi but adi is soo taller than her...but for the kepetahan b'ckp,adi kalah rr...haha

on michik's day where he actually merajuk with michik sbb michik very tak layan dia dat day..what to do..michik had to do something else la adi...kuat majuk la bdk nih...

and on 15th of august 2008 which is esok,i'm going to see him!!!yeay2!!!haha..

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

sooo veryy cluuummsyy.....

aduihai..awat la aku nih slalu clumsy sesangat...b4 nih,aku tak la t'prsn about the clumsy thing...but ever since aku kuar from umah and msuk matriks,baru la t'prsn...every time aku jumpa a new place,i will actually jatuh or langgar bnda..maybe sbb not very familiar with place lagi kot...

time matriks,bnyk bnd yg aku langgar...dari katil sampai la dlm shower tgh dok mandi pun bleh injured...bnyk gak la lebam time tuh..roomate aku time tuh pelik tgka ku...maunya tak..asyik dok langgar smua bnd..if bnd2 yg aku langgar tuh kecik,understandable la nih smua nya yg besar2...pintu pun aku penah langgar...

time upm,huhu...paling slalu jatuh and paling slalu t'golek..aduihai...time nih yg paling kritikal skali tahap clumsy aku nih...aku pun tak tau brapa kali aku penah jatuh kat floor 2nd melati tuh..kepala aku pun dah tak larat nak benjol...asik terantuk ja...huhu..very sakit wooo...bukan setakat kat floor,otw pi kelas pun penah...jatuh sbb salah pijak pavement pun penah...t'lnggr kpla paip pun penah...kaki t'sangkut between akar pokok pun penah...adoi..teruknya aku nih...huhu

time kat kym,time nih dah okeh sket still penah jatuh gak...tangga merupakan feveret place for me to jatuh..dpn student plak tuh..slamat bkn student tak la malu sgt... tak pun sbb dah slalu sgt jatuh,dah t'biasa n perasaan malu tuh dah t'kurang sket..

now, in uitm...w'pun baru 4 bulan aku keja cni,AKU DAH MEMALUKAN DIRI AKU!!!!this actually happend last week during class usual aku dok ajar2 tuh,b'leter kat student sbb depa smua,i said to them,'ok2,we finished this and then we'll take a break'...baru ja nak start ajar alik,skali hset aku bunyi la plak...aku t'lupa nak silent...aku pun dgn kelam kabutnya,b'gegas ke beg nak angkt phone...btw,dlm kelas tuh guna kipas since it's a new building,tak dak aircond lagi and i have to langkah da wayar...malangnya,kakiku TERSANGKUT di wayar kipas tuh...tapi aku tak la jatuh...kipas tuh yg jatuh..wakaka...malunya!!!dah la infront of the whole class...student aku smua jerit 'MISS'!!!malu2...

and i said to them'dun je tuh buat gimik infront of u guys...tak nak awak ngantuk' tak ayat cover aku??adeh tapi sakit gak la kaki aku time tuh tp maintain ja smbg ngjr...huhuhu...

moral of the story, jgn jadi macam aku!!!!malu2....huhu

Thursday, July 17, 2008


adeh..penatnya...baru pukul 10 tp dah rasa penat sesgt..why??sbb last tuesday, aku kena KERACUNAN MAKANAN..alahai..sakit gila perut aku that bila d'pikiaq2 alik,why do this things jd teruk bila dah really late at nite..
like what happened to me,mlm tuh dh rs perut tak brp nak best..mama called earlier and tny makan apa..i told mama tak mkn apa only minum milo with biskut sbb perut x best..after the call,pi mkn sat,and then around 11,truih tdoq..which is awai aja lena dlm stgh jam,aduih skt perut menjadi b'tmbh serius..lari pi toilet (which is not that far the same room ja pun)and start to throw up..and benda tuh cont for the whole night..
all together 4 times vomiting,and tak tau la brp kali dok pi toilet sbb to cut the story short,went to the clinic,check2 and got MC for the day..dok la sorng2 kat umah (which is very sad),made moi and forced myslef to eat it sbb nak mkn ubat kan..and the moi is very tak sedap..maybe sbb kosong and ada rupa mcm the nasi adi eats everyday..
moral of the story,watch out for the things we eat...if tak,jadi la mcm aku yg slalu senang sangat sakit perut dr kecik sampai la skarang..if nak di compare kn ngan my other siblings,aku la yg paling sng kena penyakit..huhu

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

1st class!!

yesterday was my 1s day teaching here..hahaha..biasa la when it comes to classes,aku mmg la slalunya teramat cuak..sapa ja yg tak tau aku gabra nak masuk klass..hehe..smuanya memberikan semangat 'GO BOLEH GO' kat aku..haha..nak t'gelak la gak..

sbnrnya,aku nih mmg slalu gabra nak msk kls..eventhough dah stat lama kls tuh,tp setiap kali nak msk aku still nervous..darah gemuruh melampau kot..hehe so,yesterday,aku telah meng'enter'kan dr to all of my classes..gabra2 pun,kena msk gak la...

my class stat pkui 8pg..awai tuh..kls aku smua nya pg kecuali ari selasa..masuk2 kls,alih2 17 org ja yd turn up..alahai, lega gak la..majoritinya prmpn..out of 17,16 stdnt prmpn and the other one tuh la hero dlm kelas aku..iqbal nama dia..sng la nak igt sbb dia sorng laki kan..muka aku dah t'lupa cket..hehe

my 2nd class,pergh ramai btoi stdnt nya...47 org...slmt la aku dah biasa ngan kls bsr kat kym dah bleh tune sora n tak dak la t'kjt sgt tgk depa ramai2..lgpun,bdk 1st sem br..hehe..smua mmg obidient laa..baru lg..bleh la kan..

my 3rd class,pkui 2.30 ptg..adoihai...panasnya kls ptg tuh...dah la kelas tak dak aircond,huu pns sesgt..dah la aku sesat,tak jmpa kls..huhu..penat pusing satu building cr bilik..msk2,tgk muka stdnt smua dah t'bkr sbb panas..sian gak kat depa thn ja la kan..

my last class,smbg at 3.30..lawak bdk2 nih..they thought the lecturer wolud be someone chinese since nama yg kuar kat jadual depa tu 'YANG' eventhough depa smpi awai,tp depa tak msk..dok la kat luar tuh..luckily depa t'grk ati nak msk and tny..if tak,dok la kat luar tuh lama2..kls nih,sat aja..dlm 4 plus aku dah end kls..pns sgt and smua dah tak thn..

adoi2..penat..tak tau la cmna pasnih...arinih ada kls at 10..sejam ja kls aku arinih..huhu..k la..nak p ready for the class..nak buat game ja pun..feveret thing to do..hehe:)

Thursday, June 26, 2008


how many of us know how to play squash???nih antara feveret game abah ms muda2 dlu besides swimming...if nak diikutkan alik,abah bleh msk kategori org yg enjoy playing games la...igt lagi ms kecik2 dlu,slalu ikt tgk abah men game..tapi tak igt la kat mn n abah menang ka tak..yg surenya,abah enjoyed the game...

unfortunately,dlm anak2 abah yg 4 org nih,sorng pun tak mewarisi bakat abah men squash...aku pun tak tau awat..not very sure whether my other siblings played it before or for me,yesterday was my first time men of my opismate (en bad) ajak kami men before nih..bnyk kali dah ajak tpi ada ja hlngnya..biasa la liat sket nak men..tmbh2 bla tak dak smlm,aku and ina (also my opismate) joined him for the 1st time...siap p beli sluar baru tak terer gak..gaya ja lebih..normal la kan...

rupanya men squash nih best gak...penat mmg penat..tak gerak pi mana pun u'll be sweating dgn bnyknya..nak kejar bola tuh plak lagi satu hal...ngan nmpk tak nmpknya...but kami b'jy mengharungi a session dlm an hour sbb pastuh en bad nak pi amek wife dia...

and today,mak aih, SAKIT TANGAN!!!inilah yg t'jadi bila suddenly men n tak uat warm up...aku nih ketegaq..maleh sket when it comes to warming up and for ina,dia sakit kaki..maunya tak..bnyk buat stunt smlm..hehe..

despite the small2 injuries that we had,mmg best la men squash nih..hrp2 sok men lagi...smgt dah nih...jgn smgt half dah la...mcm yg slalu dok jadi...hehe..b'usahalah!!!!


accident is what we call it in english..kemalangan in bahasa...dua bahasa tuh ja yg aku tau pun..i'm sure we've seen it before..maybe ada yg pernah t'libat skali pun..slalunya accident nih slh sapa eh??here,nak creta cket bout what i've seen two days back..smua jd in one day (last tuesday)

1st case-as usual,pg2 kuar nak pi keja la...and as usual,aku amatlah jarang punch in tepat or before other words,kad slalu merah la..well takpa la sbb kami d'benarkan utk go in and out as we like..but still i HAVE to CHANGE it the way,back to the story..on my way to work dat morning,it was a normal was raining all morning..aku t'lmbt p keja sbb liat nak bgn..hujan kan,makin sdp la tdoq...dan sbb dah t'lmbt,aku pecut gak la pagi tuh...jln straight ja nak opis,makin best la dok pecut tuh..came up to a point,ada polis la plak..mula2 igtkn uat road block tp mcm pelik sbb tak penah uat road block kat ctu..awai2 tuh kecut gak la sbb aku dr awai2 dok pecut..alih2 ropenye ada accident la..between 2 kancil and a landrover..da landrover yg plng blkng skali..leh imagine la apa jd kt kancil yg tgh2 tuh..aiseh mmg remuk rr blkng dia..bkn setakat blkng,dpn dia pun remuk gak la..kancil yg dpn,remuk sket ja and the landrover,like nothing happend...wel,landrover kan,normal la...luckily there weren't any injuries..rsnya la...tak brani nak tgk lama2..takut aku ralik:p

2nd case-as sson as aku arrive kat opis went to my opismate nya blik..had to print and submitt mrkh for the uum students..after finishing everything with the marks and stuff,aku and kak su(my opismate) pi la uum..around 11.30 time tuh..for those yg tak tau,from my opis pi uum tuh dlm 20-30 mnts ja..tak la jauh sgt..but the 'highway' is not like the real highway la...must be very carefull coz bnyk makhluk2 yg melintas dgn sesuka atinya..sat kambing la,anjing la lembu la..tuh bleh d'maafkn la sbb tak b' kdg2 org pun buat da same thing..

what happend was, ms on the way tuh,there was this family of 4 on a bike...i really hate that..the father,mother,ank bsr sket dok in front and a baby (the mother was dukung the baby) we passed them,aku mmg dok tgk n making faces to the baby (it's a habit..tak leh uat apa)..smpi kat traffic lite,we stopped..msti la kan dah merah but dgn bijak pandainya,si bapak yg bwk 3 org passenger nih TAK STOP!!..and unfortunately,ada another bike coming from the other's his road so mmg dia ptt jln la..i guess dia pun t'kjt so he honked at the family..what happend to the family was,the father was shocked,dia dah melelong and dah t'kuar dr jln dah pun...nsb bek la tak aku yg mmg dok perti nih jd cuak tuh mcm nak t'cmpk dah aku tgk..aku ngan kak su yg m'jerit lbh dlm kreta..adeh..lama gak la depa berenti kat tepi jln tuh..smtimes people said datin this situation,org2 d'lindungi sbb ada baby..i guess soo...

adoi..untuk sekelian2,b'jaga2 la time nak bwk keta ka motor ka..tmbh2 if ada baby tuh,jgnla simply dukung ja..if accident,kompem la baby tuh t'campak...lagi sng creta,b'hati2 la di jlnry..t'msk la tuk aku skali pun..nyesal tak guna babe...huhu

Monday, June 23, 2008

lo0ong week-chapter 1

last week on tuesday, my frens from kym trn mai uum..they had a kursus kat ctu...used to joined them before tpi ni la kali pertama aku tak join sbg peserta..they arrived that morning n c ros pg2 lagi dah tny tak mo bwk p jln kah??aku pun apa lg,uat la plan nak bwk bdk2 nih jln w/pun aku pun bkn reti sgt jln kat cni...

so dat tuesday,aku masuk opis dlu.did some of my marking then, pkul 10.30 went down to edc(hotel dkt uum) to fetch ros and azrin..arrived at thier room around 11.00 am..igtkn dak2 nih dah ready..alih2 dua2 TAK MANDI LAGI!!!ciss bdk2 ini..aku pnya la kelam kabut alih2 tak ready pun lagi..

tggu dak2 tuh mandi,pastuh kami pun kuar la...igt nak p pdg besar..well that is the only attraction kat perlis nih pun around 12pm,kami pun b'tolak la...aku nih tak reti jalan so mmg dah sound kat depa siap2..if sesat,jgn marah la, on the way,sembang2,pompang bnyk la bdk2 nih..dah lama tak jumpa kan...cmni la jdnya...

on the way,tba2 t'nmpk sign board p gua kelam..asked them depa nak pi tak..c ros dah b'ia nak pi..tapi c azrin plak dah uat gabra takut smthng would happend there...after convincing her that there's nothing kat gua tu,kami pun decide la nak pi..dgn confidentnya aku pun drive la...konon2 nak ikt sign board..alih2 mai kat satu part nih,tak dak plak sign board pi gua kelam..aih sesat la plak...

slmt la adanya c azrin..dia ni rajin tnya we stopped at this gerai buah..dah alang2 tuh,c azrin beli la buah skali..bnyk gak minah nih beli buah..pastuh tnya la kat pakcik@abg(im not so sure myself) yg juai buah tu for the direction..after giving the directions,c azrin masuk la kreta..masuk2 aja, dia kata kat ros,'abg juai buah tu srh kim slm kat orng blkng' which is ros laa...
aih mamat nih smpt lagi m'usha c ros yg kat dlm keta..tu la ros..snyum lagi kat mamat tuh..kan dah d'krim slm..hahaha

to cut the story short, kami smpi la kat gua kelam tuh..the fee is only rm1 per person..which is cheap la..yg nak t'gelaknya, minah2 nih punya la jakun tgk gua..mcm org gua kluar tgk town,mcm tuh la depa ni jakun tgk gua..slmt aku dah penah pi so tak la jakun sgt..hehe

best gak la jln kat ctu..bkn slalu nak msk gua kan..siap posing2 lg dlm gmbr nnti la aku upload..ada kat azrin..stlh b'jy mengharungi gua kelam tuh,lepak dlu kat ctu smbl mkn buah c azrin beli..mcm best la kan..smbl menikmati permandangan and ketemu ngan biawak yg berkeliaran di situ..aku yg nek geli..huhu..

abih makan, went back through the cave, dak2 tuh jakun lagi skali,then smpi kat keta,smbg perjlnn pi pdg besar..part pdg bsr tuh,nnti la aku creta len..pnjg sgt la plak..

by the way,during this xtvt,i wore baju kurung spnjg p'jlnn...which was not very tuh tak kesah sgt tp my foot hurt a lot la..bnyk jln smpi melecet maa..
moral of the story,pakai lah pakaian yg b'sesuaian dgn tema anda!!till then,bubye...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

kagumnya saya...

smlm my opismate (kak su) ajak pi tgk debate n debat finale...mula2 tuh mcm maleh ja sbb bnyk lagi paper yg kn tnd tp,this is final apa lgi,ku tngglkn kerja ku yg b'lambak tuh,g la tgk debate...

secara jujurnya,aku nih dah lama tak tgk debate ka debat ka so agak blank la ms pi tu..don't know what to expect..1st round,bdk2 debate dlu yg compete..topik dia, smthing to do with obese children..the final round was between uitm shah alam n uitm shah alam.. mula2 tgk dak2 tuh,awat la selekeh sgt nih???maunya tak..ada yg pakai t'shirt ja nek pnts..
tapi dat's another story to tell la...

so 1st round start..da 1st speaker from krjn was a girl named aina..she did well but unfortunately she was ttoooo fast...aku yg dok dgr nih pun tak dpt nak tngkp apa yg dia dok mcm tak amek nafas lngsg la..aku yg tgk pun jd penat..pastuh smbg2 la kshnya...the pembangkang pun ok gak la...

tp yg buat aku t'kagum was vocab bdk2 nih..mak aih,seriou aku..even the other lecturers were saying that some of them manage to use great vocab..and how they present them is another thing..dah la gabra pastuh kena ckp cpt sbb ada time limit..pastuh kena think fast to bls balik..aiyoo if i have to do this, kompem kena heart msti bdk2 nih bnyk experiances..if tak takkan msk final kan..

pastuh smbg plak ngan debat bm..nih pun best was between mmu(krjn) and uitm shah alam (p'bngkng) n exciting...bdk2 nih dlm dok b'hujah tu smpt lg kutuk each other n uat lawak..debat nih lg best sbb ada yg mencelah2..debate b4 tu tak dak yg celah..mmg respek la bdk2 fast they reacted to the questions from others..mmg m'buatkan aku t'nganga sat aja la..but i think the topik was a bit bias..'smua negara patut di beri kebenaran m'gnkn kuasa nuklear'

logiknya,kompem p'bngkng bleh mng...tpi krjn pny points pun agak logik akal..meaning the way they presented the points was very2 convincing..

malangnya,aku kena cabut awai aku tak tau sapa yg menang..sdh tak??anyway,dgn ini,aku nak bgtau,aku respek kat bdk2 debat when there are on stage la sbb ada gak perangai bdk2 nih yg aku x b'kenan..normal la kan..kuang3...

Friday, June 13, 2008

minyak oh minyak...

i am very sure da all of us are suffering by the kenaikan harga minyak rite..sapa tak suffer??aku yg guna keta kancil nih terasa perbedaan nya...tmbh2 lagi yg guna keta bsr2 nih...lg hancus...talking bout da kenaikan harga minyak,how many of us actually went out dat nite (last wednesday 4/6/08)...well some may say,maleh la aih nak pi beratur b'ia...but unfortunaely for me, i had to isi my tank sbb drove two days to uum before tank mnyk was below than half la... so dgn azam yg kuat, went out to get the fuel around 8.30...dlm kpale otak,9.30 dpt la kot tak pun by 10..

so the journey stars...kuar dr umah,ok lagi...saw many cars but tak dak yg jammed pun...alih2 near tu this junction,keta dah start to que..aiyooo tak kan kat cni dah jammed..tapi dah alang2 tu,tggu la gak kan...waiting is really2 painful la...dah la dok sorng2 doing nothing..paling2 pun melalak la sbb dah boring tak leh kuat sgt sbb bukak tngkp..tkt org sblh dgr..malu la kan..hehehe..

to cut the story short,aku tggu nearly up to 4 hours and really very2 unfortunately for me,aku tak dapat isi mnyk ngan harga lama...sbb by the time i reached the gas stsn,depa kata dah tkr harga..and it wasn't 12yet!!!geram tu geram la gak..tapi dah alang2 isi gak la mnyk..slmt bdk yg keja kat ctu tak kena jerkah ms he told me about the price dah change..angin satu bdn nih..for wat reasons??meh nak habaq:

1. aku tak smpt makan..which is my fault gak la..
2. tggu cket pnya lama alih2 tak dpt apa..
3. ada dua keta ja dpn aku ms nak isi tuh..igtkn smpt la..tapi tak smpt gak...
4.letih sbb buat keja sia2...

moral of the story,pasnih p bom ja stsn mnyk tuh..if kita tak dpt,biar org len tak dpt gak..which akan menyusahkan smua n which is not very clever to do la....
jgn la uat keja sia2 lagi dah..
dat is all for tiring experiance ..

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

tempat baru...

agagaga..lamanya tak write in my blog...lots of story to tell tapi time tarak laa...what i can say here, dah pindah to tempat baru which is uitm far,alhamdullilah..ok la kot...tapi pc tak dapat lagi so tak leh nak tulis blog pnjg2...
so.pasnih if ada time,aku meh tulih alik...babai....

Friday, February 29, 2008

aritu kasut nih enset plak...

d'sbbkn t'lebih rajin,meh kita uat entry len plak...if the other day i wrote bout my kasut and how clumsy i was, today i want to tell u bout my phone..aiseh mcm buat speech la plak..

hmm..aku dgn phone nih agak susah untuk lekang tapi if d'compare kn diriku ini with my other siblings, aku la paling slalu menghancurkn hset ku..pecah rekod gak la sbb since i used hset, dah 4 times tkr...smuanya sbb hancur..bkn sbb gue kayo nak tkr bnyk2 kali...

da funny part is,dlm dok tkr2 tuh,skali ja yg aku beli sdr...da rest is either my parents or from my siblings..nih la untungnya jadi adik bongsu...haha..tq2!!!!

1st phone (alcatel) gn time matrks..baru gn 1 sem, pastuh rosak..tapi tak tau plak wat happen to it...pas tuh lamA gak la tak dak hset and mama pity me because dok jauh di pahang..nak tpon umah ssh plak tuh..kurang duit maa...

so mama pun beli la new one for me(siemens)..hmm tpon tuh pun ada gak kerosakkan nya..if no yg tak di save dlm tpon cal (public for example)tpon tuh tak b' ramai la yg grm sbb aku slalu tak angkt tpon..dah x bnyi camna nak angkt kan???

and frust punya psl 2nd sem msk upm, akak went and beli hset br so me pun tmpg skaki la...3rd phone (nokia) beli dapat loan so apa lagi...tpon nih rosak couse of me..well i am clumsy so is not a big suprise la...wat happend to it??aku t'tendang masuk dlm kolam...haha best tak???

phone tuh leh guna lagi..just screen and key pad agak krg best and for the 1st few months,tak ber cover hset tuh...screen tak nmpk...

last phone, my siblings bought it for me...kebetulan hset aku rosak end of the year so i came up with an idea...srh my siblings beli tpon kat aku for my birthday!!!!best tuh!!!gamaknya kesian tgk muka ku ini (terer buat muka kesian kot or mmg muka aku cmni??)

so skng nih, i'm using the phone that was bought from my nih??bnyk gak kisahnya, tak berapa nak thn tapi aku nih la yg b'ia nak flip one year,dah rosak...slmt ada warantee after dat,bnyk la gak yg berlaku kpd hset ku ini...plg best, keypad ku ini amat suka t'cbt..nih dah kali ketiga aku tkr keypad..slmt la murah..

1st time,mmg dah lama gak guna smpi t'cbt gam tkr la br...da 2nd one,tak brp nak thn lama because of the gam gak la...and hset aku ni disukai oleh si adi..dia suka open n close..stiap kali buka,lampu b'nyala so apa lagi,mmg berkenan la...n d'sbbkn tak thn lama,guna la alik keypad yg lama w/pun dah nak ancur...tak smpt beli br...or is it sbb tak dak duit???hmm....

but the climax was when aritu blk cuti ry adi dgn jayanya telah mengoyakkan keypad ku hset tak dak keypad r...slmt la si adi yg cbt..if org len,kompem dah kena byr..hehe
so disebabkn dah tak dak keypad,aku kena guna getah-ikat keypad to the hset..which is very2 hidious!!!!

to cut the story short,aku dah pi beli baru...igt nak tkr casing skali tapi enggak ada yg berkenan di hati guna aja la hset tuh skng nih...berjasa ooo tpon nih kat yong,abg nasir,abg,kak rina and akak,tq bery much for the hset...pas nih kalau nak beli hset lg satu kat cha,amat lah di alu2kan...hehe:p


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

chinese new year

makan malam at da bunglow..apa yg di mkn??
lupa plak..nmpk sgt tak join msk..wakaka

kak rina, abg and adi..

muka dia lagi..pnh gmbr dia aja.....

adi and rafiq wit opah chu...

mcm terer ja bdk2 nih nek jongkang-jongkit...eksyen ja lebih...

meor adi fimiyun and rafiq mustaqim..satu pesen bj

and gaya pun lbh krg sama..hehe

1st day tok dah ajak pi mandi laut..

mula2 takut tapi pastuh,t'lbh berani la plak si kecik nih!!!

adi and micha...abih basah kena peluk ngan si adi...

kong xi fa chai!!haha dah berkurun lamanya br nak t'kong xi creta...last break,all of us went back to penang..cuti lama kan so apa lagi...cabut alik penang di'sbbkn bwk alik kreta, aku pun stat la angkut cket brg2 from dah pindah kan...mlm tuh punya la beria packing...dah siap2 pack br t'pkiq,ckp ka keta nak msk smua bnd nih??the things i bought home:-

1.travelling mattres (2 biji)
2.rak letak brg(ayu pny)
3.beg baju(yg d'rskn tak guna)
4.two boxes full of small2 things(mama pesan jgn bwk alik tp bwk gak)
5.cooker(abah dapt free-redeem)
rasa mcm ada lagi tapi dah x t'igt apa dia...anyway,drove home from melaka to kl(amek yong) pastuh br sampai penang...smpi keta pun dah bnyi2 sbb lama sgt kot..mau tak lama..plg slalu pun grk smpi kl...nih smpi png tak stop2...n d'sbbkn t'lalu syok aku t'lupa nak tutup tngkp keta smpi la sok mima sampai n tgr...slmt la nothing was stolen...adoi careless btoi la ini budak!!!

cont...that thursday pi bunglow...smua skali pi..ayahcu's famili mai penang b'sama2 wanchik and chu's famili...pergh best tuh...lama tak mandi laut..kegelapan muka akibat t'bakar dek matahari masih lagi melekat di muka ku...kehkehkeh....d'pendek kn creta,bnyk la bnda yg jd..meh nak explain thru pictures...enjoy it!!!

aiseh..sorri...t'salah upload gmbr...lupa plak kena upload gmbr br write da stori...tapi tak pa la..asal phm creta dah..tq2...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

oh kasutku!!!

haha...nih saja ja nak bercerita since my blog is so sunyi for a long..long...long time...nak creta bout my kasut..wat is so special about it??tak special pun but because of it i nearly fall down and drop my water face u know...aduhai...aku pun tatau la is it bcoz of the shoe or is it bcoz of maklum a bit clumsy(a bit ka??mcm more than that ja..)
1st time,nearly jatuh sbb dok usha kelas...tak tgk depan pny kes la nih...jln dgn pnh konfidentnya...alih2,aku t'slip di tgh jln...slmt tak jatuh and luckily there was no one around...malu beb if jth dpn stdnt(which aku dah pnh jatuh before!!!!!)
2nd time,tadi...baru abeh kelas..konon2 srnk la dah abeh kls for the day..and once again,aku tersadung di tangga kolej...slmt gak tak dak ada tapi aku yg x perasan...control maa..
so...moral of the story, berhati2 di jalan raya...if u dun want to be like me, falling in front of people,jln la elok2 and jgn pndg belakang...but for the record, creta akak jth lagi teruk and lagi memalukan..akak sorng aja bleh buat cmtuu..sorri la kak..t'msk plak creta hang..wakaka

Monday, January 21, 2008

my cute little pictures!!

ni sj ja nak buat pengumuman...for those who wants to see how cute i was ms kecik2 dlu (still am) sila la check my sis's entry..kakakku terlebih syg kat aku kot..sampai buat 2 entry specially for me...penuh dgn muka2ku yg cute miut ini..wakaka...tak percaya,go and have a look urself :p

Friday, January 11, 2008

birthday adi!!!

haha after soooo loong..baru la nak terupload gmbr2 cheeky si kecik nih...sorry la adi..tak tersempat for those yg mmg tgh tggu,expecially to kakak,here you go...the pictures of adi turning 2 years old!!

adi ngan one of the cake...sengih semcm aja nih...mcm t'pks pun ada gak!!

with the lovely micha...wakaka!!

ngan tok..besar betoi tok nganga nak suap dadih kat adi!!

with mama...penat mama adi arituh!!

adi with mak usual, mak tok yg beria snyum,adi buat muka sekupang!!

with michik!!dah buat muka gatai la plak...

dah jemu tngkp gmbr ngan michik kot!!!hehe:p

abah and adi!!try nak tunjuk 'peace' tp tak reti lagi!!

mama ngan abah aja yg snyum..apa la adi nih!!

the birthday boy!!skema btol posing time nih!!

tu la antr gmbr2 yg sempat diamek dan smpt d'upload...nnti buat entry len plak...malangnya, si kecik tuh bukan reti len ja yg dok beria syok sdr...huhu

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


haha disebabkan yong and akak dah tag aku, so t'pksla la buat gak...rasa b'slh sbb tag b4 nih dah t' it goes...

Name 1 person who made you laughed last nite.
none...last nite tgk creta smuanya dok sakit ati (spa q and jelatang),tak dak perasaan nak gelak last nite..

What are you doing at 0800 today?
on the way to the office..tak dak kelas pagi,so punch in lmbt cket rr...

What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
rearranging almari kat dlm opis...berlaku sedikit slh faham dgn org baru..haha

What happen to you in 2006?
if akak masuk KMPP, i masuk Kym..uih...lama gak la tuh..

What was the last thing you said out loud?
this, i dun understand the question la...

How many beverages you had today?
x minum langsung...

What color is your hairbrush?
ada 3- pink (dah patah), biru (tak best) and brown (yg plg disukai for da time being)

What was the last thing that you paid for?
Breakfast tadi...skrng sudah terer makan brfst :p

Where were you last night?
at my house..tgk creta the three la plak layan creta lama2 nih...

What color is your front door?
front door as if for pintu pagar ka pintu utama umah??aih konpius la plak...
if pintu pagar-black...if pintu umah-sliding,black la gak...

Where do you keep your conis?
if kat rumah-dlm botol susu Duthclady
dlm tin cekelat
if kat opis-im my mug..ada tiga
and of course in my car as well..

What’s the weather like today?
mendung nak hujan tapi praying that it won't...takut bj kat umah basah...

What’s the best ice cream flavor?
cekelat...wat else???

What excites you?
thing that have to do with pizza, bowling or tgk wyg or smthing rather than sleeping

Do you want to cut your hair?
nope....just cut my hair middle of last year tapi tak t'pnjg2 lg...

Are you over the age of 25?
going to be for those who read this, jgn lupa wish tau!!if nak bg hadiah lg best :p

Do you talk a lot?
not when i'm around my siblings...depa ckp lagi bnyk kot...expecially KAKAK!!!heheh

Do you watch the O.C?
once a long2 time ago...

Do you anyone name Steven?

Are you a jealous person?
jeles kat michik sbb adi dah tau tunjuk michik yg mana satu!!!

Name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‘A’.
adila othman@dila...a fren from matrix....
aliaa zamri...also a fren from matrix....satu geng la nih....

Name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‘K'
tak dak la...if pangkal depan tuh ada 'kak' ramai la...kak fiza,kak su, kakt g,kak shita,kak sara.....

Who’s the first person on your received call list?
no phone umah...mama tpon last nite..meaning since then,tpon tak berbunyi
xcept bunyi jam bgn tdoq ja..huhu

What does the last text message you received say?
ok tq miss yang-msg from student...huhu bosannya hidup

Do you chew on your straw?
no...dun used it at all

Do you have curly hair?
ada kot...tapi tak securly kakak...dia serap smua curl..hehe

Where’s the next place that you’re going to?
dun have a clue...

Who’s the rudest person in your life?

What was the last thing you ate?
rice with fried fish and sayur pucuk ubi masak air buah belimbing...
pastuh trus skit perut...huuh

Will you get married in the future?
insya allah after kakak...

What’s the best movie you have seen in two weeks?
alvin and the bukan dah two weeks lg..dah t'lebih week...went with intan..
ayu and fatin juai mahai tak mau ikut...

Is there anyone you like right now? of them...i nih berhati mulia..tak suka benci org...wakaka

When was the last time you did the dishes?
last nite after dinner...dah makan,bsh sdr la kan...bkn ada maid nak tlg..hehe

Are you currently depressed?
once in a rite now coz this tag is tooo long for me laaa...

Did you cry today?
nope...can't recall the last time i did...

Why do you answer and post this?
dah tak dak entry in a long time and yong dah tny where's the tag and sblm membzkn diri ngan kelas,buat la gak..hehe

Tag 5 people who would do this
since smua dah buat,sp2 yg rs di tag,sila la buat....
yea berjaya!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

celebrating adi's birthday

hahaha..even though adi pny birthday tak sampai lagi,tapi dah siap buat plan nih...igtkn tak sempat nak jumpa dia masa besday dia tapi if plan menjadi,dapat la micha jumpa adi!!!!
semalam akak tepon n bgtau opah adi (mak kak rina) nak buat kenduri celebrating adi's besday and ajak la mama abah n mama pun mencadangkan (menurut kata akak la) spy aku alik perak esok,pi tdoq kat kg n pi kndri ari sabtu tuh ngan depa...haha bertapa gumbiranya sebab mmg rasa tensen dok umah sorng2 for nearly a week (zurin my housemate br balik pagi tadi)..dah la celebrate new year pun sorng2...asyik dok makan tdoq makan tidoq aja..smua ada plan msg2 except for t'pksa la melepakkan diri kat umah..huih bosan sgt2 la....
and next week akan bermulalah pelayaran ke kelas...aih blom apa2 dah rasa maleh..mood tarak la...kena pi enjoy dlu ada sapa2 yg nak pi bercuti or melarakan diri,jgn lupa kat cheq na...:p