Saturday, November 13, 2010

i am BACK!!!!

yup..that's rite..i am back..hopefully for good..i have to focus more playing..hehe

Thursday, February 26, 2009

saya di tag...

i was tagged by puan yayah yesterday and been trying to do this since..unfortunately had some trouble so t'pks la buat it here it goes...

The challenge is :

-GO to your photos folder in your computer
-GO to the 6th Folder of your photos
-GO to the 6th photos in that folder
-Put the picture on your blog & description of it.
-Invite 6 friends to join the challenge
-Link them in your blog & let them know they have been challenged.

so, this is the pic that we are waiting for...haha t'kena plak kat mek intan nih..what to do what to say, ur da lucky one for today..this was taken last february..we were in langkawi and i asked her to posing sebentar for my phone..nih la gmbr posingnya..and for the record,slmt tak kena marah time nih because we were actually late..all the makcik2 sudah turun waiting for us..hehe.nak uat cmna..smua mmg kaki tngkp gmbr..bila nak pi langkawi lagi nih??hmmm

and now for the exciting part...sp yg nak di tag pulak??

  • puan yong
  • cikgu saerah
  • cik skpn
  • cik tuan punya bdn dlm gmbr a.k.a intan
  • cikgu syib
  • en ben
sila2 lah menyelesaikan tag ini..hehe

Monday, February 16, 2009


after nearly two months without rain and very kering kontang here, today finally it rained!!!yeay!!!even though the rain only last for around 15 min, ok la rite??rather than nothing at all...

i was in class at the moment and when i saw it rained, i told the students and their faces some how lite up a since hujan sat aja, the happiness pun last only for a while...anyway, thank god, alhamdulillah it least my car dpt free car wash la..hehe..nmpk sgt malas mau membasuh kereta itu...huhu

Thursday, February 12, 2009

why and why and why??

huhu unfortunately for me today...
things don't turn out the way i want it to be today...
  1. my work still bertimbun...tried to finish up today, but nothing is fault gak la
  2. keep forgetting to take out my laptop from the car and it happened twice today...luckily nothing happened..adoi lalai sungguh!!!!
  3. keja master tak t'sentuh lagi nih...huhu
  4. perlis is very extremely HOT right hasn't rain since early this year...panas!!

and the worst part today is


i thought that this jatuh2 thing won't happen to me anymore..after trying not to make a fool out of myself for the past few months, leh plak t'jatuh right in front of everybody today..luckily none of my students were there to see my act..i guess today is not my lucky day after all

hopefully tommorow will be better for me....

Thursday, February 5, 2009

<<<<18 SG >>>>

this is a taken maybe disturbing for some of brace yourself k...haha

this incident actually happened yesterday as we (me and sri) were heading back to our house from first,everything was just as days we approached the main entrance, something happened to us..let me show you the picture will be much more interesting that way..

as we were approaching,we noticed 'something2' was int he middle of the road and we thought it was a daun pelepah or something like we got closer to it.....

tadaaa...this was the 'daun pelepah'...huhu...scary2...we actually screamed right after we pass the thing...i screamed out of fear but im not sure why sri screamed as well..she wasn't afriad of it..saja2 kot..right after that, we decided to......

get closer to the thing..yup..i actually u-turn to get back to it..semangat tol!!and sri took pictures of these creatures..we actually named is 'randell' (from monster ink) and the other one is 'frog prince' (from the fairytale frog prince)

yup as u can see, besides randell would be the frog sri was taking these pictures,few cars and motorcycles past by and was looking weirdly at us...for those people,

and we are trying to figure out how did they die...well,we've came up with a few version of the story..
  1. i think the frog prince die 1st and randell was trying to eat it and while doing so,he got crashed by a car..(my version)
  2. the other version is - cinta terlarang so both kena mati..version yg paling tak masuk akal and this came from ina..
  3. or simply its their ajal..nak uat camna..right??
oh, lupa plak...before sri got down and took the pictures,one car full with girls pass randell and the frog prince..we actually waited for the reaction from them..and as expected,all of them SCREAMED!!!well nama pun girls kan..tak jerit tak sah la kan..funny2..haha

and we can conclude that;
  • one,tempat aku keja banyak biawak and katak..
  • two,kami nih tak dak keja len..
and even though it shows that we really are out of our mind, we had our big laugh last night..enjoy gak la buat keja tak dak faedah nih......

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


i'm sure each one have our own favourite songs right??some of us would love the song because of the singer or maybe because of the genre of music..and im quite sure most of us would fall in love with a song because of the lyrics..rite??me too..well,i love to sing (tp tak sesuka my siblings) but only for my own ears to listen of course (duhh...)the question now is how well do we know the lyrics??to what extend would we search for the lyrics..or we would just go and balun aja..haha

something that always happend to us long as the words sound similar with the song, ok la kan...rite2??for me,if i really,really,really like the song, i would google the lyrics(something sri like to do)...just to make myself satisfy when singing along with the song...but have we ever come across situation where we were caught singing with the wrong lyrics??nih yg best nih...

i actually caught my friend in this situatuion..she loves to sing but same thing as me,would balun ikut suka hati ja...and normally, the lyrics would be totally WRONG!!i once caught her singing L.O.V.E by ashlee we know, the chorus goes like this *imagine me singing this*

' L.O...L.O...L.O..L.O...VE..VE'

guess how did she sings it??


when i heard her singing it for the 1st time, i was 'WHAT??budak nih nyanyi lagu woody wood pecker ka??'and she sounded very2 extremely confident!!tabik spring kat budak sorng nih..funny but its true..and to think that the lyric don't actually have sense, but sounds VERY2 SEDAP..well i usually categorize it as having a hidden talent..rite??

Thursday, January 29, 2009

bOOring la plak

today merupakan antara ari2 bOOring sedunia buatku..bkn bosan sgt pun..bnyk keja's jus im still in the holiday mood...having too many breaks pun ssh...tak break pun ssh gak...sabar aja la aku nih...c'mon2..b'usahalah!!!adeh...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

bYebye 2008 helLooo 2009

happy new year to all!!!!moga2 tahun 2009 lebih membawa makna dan kejayaan pd kita..cewah..skema btoi ayat ku ini..anyway,for the 1s time in my life,aku tak cuti on new year..funny right??all this while i thought that new year day will be a public holiday..rupanya,salah!!the state im working right now tak amek cuti for disappointed we were (me and sri and ina) sbb tak pe lagi..last night celebrate new year atas katil la a.k.a dah lena diulit mimpi..hehe

well, what to do,its my responsibility to come to work so mai gak la kan...and unfortunately for me,1st class for me today, none turned up..dunno what happened to them...2nd class,only 6 turned up and the last class,7 ja yg mai..bole la dr tak dak apa pun...

so again,HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 and 1430H...may Allah brings us happiness in our life..Amin....

Friday, November 14, 2008

opismate??housemate??~sama aja~

since masuk uitm nih aku t'pks admit that kekurangan kawan sket kat cni..tak kenai org lagi fortunately for me, aku jumpa gak la kwn2 yg bleh layan gla ngan least if nak ajk pi meronggeng mn2 depa tak penah bkn ada tmpt nak jln sgt kat cni pun,i want to take this chance to introduce my two frens, my officemate merangkap housemate aku..nmpk sgt aku tak ckp kwn kan??uhuh....

tadaa..this is ct sarina sulaiman..a.k.a ina..otw alik umah time nih and biasa la
aku suka nyibukkan diri nangkap gmbr gak..hehe

and now we become

me and my new hsmate...her full name??
sri kandy putri naru bt abdul hamid naru..

and i thought my name is looong..uhuh

us otw trn pi alor star...uat pe??

to play bowling!!!sri 1st time maen and lucky her coz she got a really good teacher..
that would be me of course..hehe

this was the outcome..aiseh kecik plak gmbr nih..
tak nmpk markah kan2??rugi2...

and we went to uum..ada pesta konvo and my two hsmts bought-->mainan yg belh kuarkan belon tuh..
i dun know the name of tuh la yg depa beli..adoila hsmt2 ku ini..

tu lah kwn2 yg aku de skng nih..thank god i have them around..tq2!!hehe